Easy Homemade Pub Food

After Thanksgiving, having a full fridge of leftovers is no fun. 

All the flavors in this truffle nacho loaded fries dish are delicious. The thick cut steak fries, strip steak, cheese, and more give it amazing flavor in every bite.

These little pizza bagel bites are deliciously homemade! Yes, one is never enough. After learning to make bagel bites, you'll crave this bite-sized pizza snack.

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Serve hot Italian sliders at your next tailgating or backyard picnic! Slider buns, deli meats, and cheeses make these tiny sandwiches popular.

Turkey shepherd's pie is a quick weekday dish made using leftover turkey, mashed potatoes, onion, herbs, vegetables, and Guinness. Everyone will love this hearty lunch.

Crispy air-fried chicken mozzarella sticks make the perfect appetizer. This simple ground chicken and mozzarella stick dish will impress everyone.

Quench your comfort food desires with poutine, Canada's most popular meal. Fry lovers should try this cheese curd, bacon, and gravy meal.

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