Chef shows 'proper' technique to store cucumbers for weeks.

We all know that eating fresh fruits and vegetables is essential to a healthy lifestyle, but sticking to it can be difficult. How often have you bought food that went rotten before eating it? A budget-conscious person may find it a nightmare.

This “genius” technique from chef and recipe developer Kat is one of several ways to keep food fresher. The foodie posted her 10-day-old crunchy cucumbers on TikTok.

She informed viewers how she maintained them fresh and firm. “I'll show you how to store cucumbers so they stay fresh and crunchy for three days.

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I hate throwing food out. Remove the cucumber from its packing first. Transportation isn't always the best way to store food. Remove it from jail.”

“Cucumbers are watery. We know, right? We want to absorb moisture. I'll start with a silicone bag. Use a Ziploc bag if you have one. My small paper towel sleeping bag will be made.

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