Delightful Dog Breeds That Deserve Loving Homes 

One of the friendliest dog breeds is the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, which is easily identifiable by its perpetually wagging tail. 

This little Spaniel is a joy to be around because of how much love it has for everyone they meet, including kids and other dogs.  

They exhibit the ideal combination of companionship and devotion by curling up on the couch after a day of playing.  

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Though it is actually quite docile, the Great Dane's massive stature can make it look scary at first. 

However, it is among the most lovable dog breeds out there. 

A good reason to upgrade your mattress would be all the affection and snuggles they lavish on their families. 

Their amiable and affectionate attitude becomes evident as they warm up to new people over time. 

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