7 reasons cats are better pets than dogs

Cats are famed for their independence. Naturally, they enjoy time with their human pack. However, from birth, kittens merely need to feel comfortable, know where their food is, be taught where their litter tray is, and affection.

No matter the time, day, or weather, most dogs love hearing that four-letter phrase, signaling a trip outside. This is crucial to dog health. This stimulates their mind and body and lets them sniff, run, and bond with you. In contrast, cats walk alone. They may play with their favorite cat toys or find high-up perches.

A 50-pound medium-sized dog is around the size of a five-year-old child. Cats weigh about 10 pounds, which is tiny. Cats spend their days exploring new spaces, beneath furniture, and high up. They won't take up much room at home. Some days, you may not notice them. For a tiny home or large family, a moggie may be ideal.

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It's claimed cats are cheaper than dogs. According to one source, cats cost $700 to $3,000, while dogs cost $1000 to $5000 (or more depending on breed). Both cats and dogs need immunizations, but have a grooming pot for your dog to keep them looking, feeling, and smelling their best.

You'll understand how lovely it is when a dog wants to be with you all the time. On the couch? Your dog will accompany you. Want to pee? Your lovely pet awaits you outside. 

Have you ever wondered if cat owners are smarter than dog owners? According to an Association for Psychological Science study on personality qualities and pet ownership, one personality trait stood out.

Their amiable and affectionate attitude becomes evident as they warm up to new people over time. 

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