Delicious Seafood Recipes to Try This Evening 

My hubby really like this dish. Cucumber with creamy dill sauce has a refreshing, airy flavor. 

The original Cheesecake Factory shrimp scampi recipe calls for white wine, but you can use any dry, crisp white wine you like. 

Place the shrimp on top of a mountain of angel hair pasta, precisely like the restaurant does. 

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Coconut milk and fresh mango are added to this stir-fried mango halibut dish after it has been marinated in fragrant seasonings. 

It will turn a boring weeknight dinner into a delicious tropical treat! 

My family goes clamming on Block Island, Rhode Island, every summer. 

The chorizo gives it a little heat, and the clams' fresh, sweet, and salty flavor shines through in this meal. 

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