Creamy Midwestern Casseroles We Love

This cheesy casserole has several of my family's favorite foods, such as macaroni, kidney beans, tomatoes, and cheese. Simply add a leafy salad to finish the meal. 

I adore Tater Tot casserole but desired a lighter version of the recipe. The Taste of Home Test Kitchen reduced the fat in this classic dish while preserving all the Tots my family enjoys.

When I was in the Navy, a coworker's wife gave me this recipe. I've changed it over the years, but it always evokes thoughts of my "family" away from home. 

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After tasting this hot chicken salad at a women's luncheon, I took the recipe. I served this to our poll workers for lunch on election days for years as municipal clerk.

A rich custard surrounds sunny corn kernels in this cozy casserole. My mother learned this and other great recipes from her mother.

For Christmas feasts, my great-aunt made a delicious sweet potato casserole. I softened it, but we still love it.

My husband Ronald often works late and doesn't get home until after 7 p.m. This dish tastes great after being microwaved, making it perfect for late nights.

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