Corn-Based Recipes That Will Astound You 

Now that the pleasant autumn season has arrived, don't limit yourself to pumpkins and apples. 

We've included all the various ways you may use the yellow grain this season, so you can enjoy corn in all its forms—not just at barbecues. 

Here are some corn dishes you won't believe you're eating.  

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They range from mouth-watering baked delights to outrageous meal sides that include Flamin' Hot Cheetos.  

The vegetable's flavor profiles are more adaptable than you might believe, and you should start using them more often. 

Feel free to play around with different pastas like ziti, ravioli, penne, or even corn instead of the ones called for in this ricotta and corn pasta meal. 

Find out how to make Ricotta and Corn Pasta. 

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