Brucella Canis affects humans: what to know

Infected people may develop symptoms days or months later. Common signs of the condition include:

Chills Sweats Appetite loss Fever Fatigue and weakness Headache Back, muscle, joint discomfort

Endocarditis (heart chamber lining inflammation) Arthritis Spinal arthritis–sacroiliitis Spondylitis (spine-pelvis arthritis)

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Beyond these symptoms, brucellosis can cause neurobrucellosis. Bacteria brucella canis can reach the brain and cause headaches, confusion, nausea, brain swelling, and death.  

A recent University of Missouri study indicated that interferons and innate lymphoid cells protect against brucellosis. They reduce disease-related neurological issues. 

Prevention Human brucellosis vaccination is not yet possible. However, prevention is possible. Preventative measures include:

Go for pasteurized milk. Avoid ice cream and cheese while traveling. Use rubber gloves while handling animal organs. Thoroughly eatcooked meat Vaccinate pets against brucellosis

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