Breeds of Medium-Sized Dogs That May Be Ideal 

Even though they're robust, you can still cuddle up to one on your lap.  

Although they are all the same size, there is a huge range in appearance, temperament, and agility among these animals.  

However, we have a medium-sized dog for every household, so have a look at these choices for some popular and beloved mid-size breeds! 

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The Airedale is famously tall (approximately 23 inches) and svelte (55 pounds), earning it the title of "king of terriers." 

Yorkshire poachers who pursued water rats and foxes had fierce and devoted partners in Airedales.  

Some of the dogs were crossed with Otterhounds in the middle of the 1800s so they could hunt better and gather scents better.  

The lack of it can make an Airedale Terrier aggressive and unruly. 

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