How often to walk your dog? Health tips for your dog.

A dog breed's age Your pet's exercise tolerance Your timetable Each dog breed requires different care. The American Kennel Club recommends walking some dogs once a day and others three. 

Golden retrievers and doberman pinschers need daily exercise. AKC says toy breeds like pekingese are calmer. 

PetMD says younger dogs have greater energy, much like humans. Younger dogs may need additional walks. PetMD claims younger canines are more prone to play than elderly dogs.

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Diabetes or arthritis are another issue with senior canines. According to PetMD, these may impair their stamina, making them less likely to exercise and walk. 

According to PetMD, healthy dogs can walk 20–30 minutes everyday. A 10-minute walk may be plenty for an overweight or sick dog. Next time you walk your dog, watch its pace. This helps you determine your dog's limits.

We may not have time for a long walk with our pets due to busy schedules. PetMD recommends walking your dog for 10–15 minutes, two to three times a week. 

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