7 Ingredients to Upgrade Your Chocolate Cake

Sour cream adds a subtle zing to cake, unlike other baked goods that call for it. This cake will be the moistest you've ever tasted and add a touch tanginess. Most. Wet.

Piping hot coffee isn't just for suing McDonalds and Dunkin'. A hot cup of your favorite blend revives chocolate flavor. Like a best buddy urging their bestie to stop moaning, put on clothes, and shine like a diamond.

Open beer bottles around the kitchen usually indicate either A. A delicious stout-laced cake is baking or B. Grandpa Buck is a couple beers from walking around the backyard with his pants around his ankles. Best wishes for A.

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This hot tip doesn't involve boiling chocolate water, but you'll want to brag about it when others appreciate your cake. Enjoy the ego-boosting accolades, then pull this one from your smokin' holster like the Wild West.

This feels like a 1950s cookbook tip, infomercial, and Dump Cakes by Cathy Mitchell to modern, Tik-Tok sensibilities. Cracking open a cold one is the ultimate boss move, because it gives you all the bouncy fluffiness you want.

One more for coffee team! Only a spoon and a little instant espresso mix are needed. Even without a mocha vibe, this trick is great. Because you'll only taste the new chocolate flavor, not the coffee.

Adding mayonnaise to chocolate cake seems illogical. Avoid envisioning a BLT-style cake with mayonnaise instead of ganache. (Blerf). And lettuce. One of those cocktail toothpicks with the cellophane swizzle on top.

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