7 Dog Breeds People Regret Buying

Ah, the graceful Dalmatian with its stunning spots and joyful nature. These energetic pets are terrific additions to households, but they can overwhelm some owners. Dalmatians adore activity and cerebral stimulation, so if your workout is running for the last donut, they may be too active for you. Also, expect their tenacity during training!

Border Collies are smartest and most energetic. Their intelligence and herding skills are outstanding, but they need mental and physical stimulation. Congratulations, you've discovered your perfect match if you can keep their smart brains busy! However, if you prefer couch potatoes, your Border Collie may “redecorate” your living room cushion by cushion.

Siberian Huskies symbolize beauty and adventure. Under its luxurious coat is a dog explorer who loves the outdoors. Because they were raised to run and pull sleds long distances, these dogs have a high prey drive and travel often.

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Chihuahuas are bold and protective, but some may find their sass and protectiveness cute while others may feel overwhelmed by them. They can bark excessively and be fiercely loyal to their owners, but they may not like strangers or other dogs. Also, their delicate bodies require gentle care!

Great Danes need lots of indoor and outdoor space. Additionally, their appetites are unique! They can eat like college students at an all-you-can-eat buffet. If you're not ready to turn your home into a zoo with a supersized dog bed and furnishings that can support a tiny elephant, consider a smaller pet.

Pomeranian dogs talk a lot! If you want a quiet dog, a Pom may not be ideal. Don't forget their gorgeous coats. Though beautiful, they require a lot of maintenance to keep frizz-free. If you don't want to style your dog, pick a low-maintenance breed!

These cute dogs are always on the hunt, noses to the ground, sniffing out all the scents. Yet, their love of adventure can make them great escape artists. Beagles can disappear through fences like magicians. It's like having Houdini at home! Before pursuing your Beagle dreams, evaluate your living situation.

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