Our Custom Virtual Reality App Platform

Midnight Coffee 360° is a fully customized, white-labeled iOS app platform. Our product includes a custom branded front-end iOS app, allowing VR companies to easily distribute 360 video content to clients and consumers.

On the back-end, Midnight Coffee 360° provides a robust cloud-based admin panel for user-account creation and video asset management. Our platform supports 3D spatial audio in addition to both stereoscopic and monoscopic VR content.

Administrators can create user-specific permissions per video, allowing our clients to share beta videos and rough edits with their own customers. This cutting-edge platform can be customized, scaled, and launched within 1-2 weeks.

Custom Branded iOS App

Our white-labeled iOS front-end is completely customizable to your brand identity: fonts, logos, icons, and more.

Cloud-Based Admin Panel

Through a custom browser-based back-end panel, administrators can quickly deploy 360 videos and user permissions.

User-Authenticated Permissions

Via the Midnight Coffee 360° admin panel, individual user accounts can be granted permissions to specific videos.

3D Spatial Audio Support

Our platform supports HEAR360° spatial audio as well as Facebook 360 Spatial Workstation.

Stereoscopic & Monoscopic

Our platform supports both stereoscopic and monoscopic VR content for headsets or phones.

Ultra Fast Content Delivery

Using cloud-based Google integrations, Midnight Coffee 360° delivers VR content at lighting speeds.

See examples of our custom iOS UI design and white-labeled branding.