What We Do

App Development

Native, custom iOS and Android app development

QA + Management

Quality assurance and start-to-finish project management.

Custom UI Design

Custom graphic design of platform-specific user interfaces.

App Store Submission

Professional submission to iOS or Android app stores.

Internal Beta Testing

Sandbox beta testing with client revisions.


Integrated end-user analytics for advanced app metrics.

Client Back-Ends

Custom administrator web portals and client-facing management interfaces.

Virtual Reality

360 video integration and custom VR platform.

Case Study: Light Sail VR

Light Sail VR, a 360 video and virtual reality production company, hired Midnight Coffee Creative to design and develop a consumer-facing virtual reality app to showcase their company's cutting-edge media.  Here's the Midnight Coffee Creative process that allowed us to bring their vision to life.

Discuss Client Needs

MCC first held a phone consultation with Light Sail VR to assess the company's app needs and begin a plan. Light Sail VR was looking for a consumer-facing app for their 360 video / virtual reality production company.

In-Person Consultation

Sketches and brainstorming came next. Requirements included Google Cardboard headset compatibility, integration of Facebook’s 3D Spacial Audio platform, client-side user authenticated portfolios, and a back-end web portal for admins.


To begin the app, MCC first completed a full wireframe of the entire app -- essentially a rough sketch outlining every screen in the Light Sail VR app, as well as how a user could expect to interact with the interface and back-end.

UI Design

After the Light Sail VR team approved the app wireframe, the MCC design team created a fully customized graphical interface of each screen in the app. Every scenario was accounted for: pop-ups, login screens, share sheets, and more.


MCC created a fully interactive web-based prototype to test app functionality before beginning coding and development. Light Sail VR, using the prototype, could preview the final app before a single line of code had been written.


After the Light Sail VR team approved the interactive prototype, MCC hand-coded the entirety of the app, constructed a custom 360 video player, and integrated 3D spatial audio before final app store submission and approval.

Midnight Coffee VR is a custom virtual reality and 360 video platform exclusively offered by Midnight Coffee Creative. The platform allows native iOS and Android apps to showcase 360 video, curate specific content to individual users from a sleek web-based back-end, and immerse the front-end user with 3D spatial audio.  Midnight Coffee Creative is the world's first company to successfully integrate Facebook's 3Dception spatial audio into a native iOS app.  We are the premiere development company for mobile virtual reality projects.